Need Loan Servicing and Origination Software?

If you’re looking for a software solution for loan servicing and loan origination, absVision by Allied Business Systems (ABS) is just what you need. This advanced loan management software supports numerous loan types and interest calculations, and it’s fully scalable to meet the needs of your business! With our absVision software, you can easily:

  • Accept payments
  • Configure workflows & integrations
  • Create graphical dashboards & reports
  • Market to prospects
  • Originate & service loans
  • Track employees’ work

Accounting Options that Meet the Needs of Your Business

ABS offers accounting options for our absVision software to meet the unique needs of each business we serve. Are you a small business owner with one or two locations? Our absGL option has all the features you need within an easy-to-use and understand package. Larger businesses with multiple locations and more robust lending needs will benefit from our more comprehensive, feature-rich General Ledger Interface option. Choose what works best for you and your business!

If you’re looking for a consumer finance software solution, call us today at 800-727-7534!

Benefit from Our Other Business Services

In addition to our comprehensive consumer loan software, we also offer services that are sure to benefit your business. Not only are our team members consumer finance experts, they’re also outsourcing masters who can help you with:

  • Audit preparation
  • Data backup
  • Mail services
  • Update loading


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