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According to a University of Texas study, one out of two businesses shut down within two years of experiencing a catastrophic data loss. More often than not, these businesses did not have a data backup service implemented. And, with the continued movement towards a paperless business world in favor of digital files, data backup has become crucial for businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, Allied Business Systems can help your business succeed!

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Discover three reasons why you should backup your data on a regular basis:

Saves You Serious Time & Money

If you don’t have a data backup system in place and you experience a data loss, you will have to recreate your information. Whether your company is hours old or decades old, this can be detrimental. Starting from scratch not only forces you to sacrifice precious time, but it also steals from future customers and successful transactions. Additionally, it could cost you the loss of loyal customers.

Protects You From Natural Disasters

Maybe your security is so top-notch that being the victim of a cyber attack or virus isn’t possible. But, few companies can dodge Mother Nature’s natural disasters. These disasters often cause downtime that is harmful to companies. While you’re trying to recover your data, your competition has already recovered its lost files and serving its customers.

Gives you peace of mind

You have a lot to handle already without constantly validating backups. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about not being able to recover lost information. Data backup allows you to spend time doing what brings success to your company – focusing on your company and customers.

When you choose ABS as your outsource partner, you can rest assured that your files are backed up regularly. Contact us for more information.