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When a borrower chooses your company to do business with, that means you have stood out from the competition. Your marketing, product, and customer service have surpassed other businesses – congratulations! However, you must keep the quality of borrower interactions in an excellent state to ensure a happy customer. We recommend implementing these four best practices to strengthen the quality of borrower interactions:

Personalize Communication with Your Borrower

A scripted text or robotic chat message can make your borrower feel like he is just another number. To send a more friendly and familial message, simply use the borrower’s name! This personalized message will get his attention and contribute to a more pleasant experience.

Always Be Professional & Friendly

Interactions with your loan applicants and customers might not always be positive. But, even in negative situations, your team members can create a positive experience for the customer. It’s important to train your team on how to navigate difficult situations, what language to use, and how to steer the conversation to a productive outcome.

Stay in Contact Throughout the Year

Staying in contact with your customers throughout the year keeps your company top of mind. Receiving notifications of company updates, holiday greetings, or regular check-ins can strengthen the customer/company relationship. Here’s a few ways you can accomplish this:

  • Send a monthly eNewsletter
  • Regularly post to your social media pages
  • Send a quarterly, check-in email
  • Mail a flyer advertising your contact information

Well-Advertised Contact Info & Clear Communication

When you check your website, is your contact information on the home page? Is your contact page easily accessible? You do not want your potential or current customers to have to spend unnecessary time searching for your contact information. Further, assess how quickly and adequately you respond to their inquiry. Clear and quick communication can optimize a borrower’s experience.

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