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Switching loan origination and management software (LOS) doesn’t have to be a daunting, overwhelming task! When you partner with the right company that offers effective and user-friendly software, your entire team can thrive. Allow us to highlight four ways to help your LOS implementation run smoothly:

1. Set Clear Expectations & Roles

Teams thrive with clear expectations and pre-determined roles! On the other hand, unproductivity will surface if there is confusion. It’s important to communicate to your team what the expectations will be concerning the new software and who to contact with your questions or concerns. Because Allied Business Systems is your partner in loan origination and management software, we’re happy to guide you on this exciting venture!

2. Prioritize Training

Allied Business Systems is not a vendor. We will not sell you a product and leave you to figure it out on your own. Our team will gladly train your employees, so they have a thorough understanding of the loan origination and management software. Although robust, absVision is extremely user-friendly. Your team can learn this new software quickly, and your company will see a rise in productivity and profit!

3. Define & Communicate Your Success Metrics

Success varies from department to department (or even person to person!) within a company. To know if your team is utilizing the LOS correctly and the LOS is working in your favor, clearly define the metrics with which you will measure success. Here are several examples of metrics to jumpstart your brainstorming session:

  • 25% more closed loans
  • 40% decrease of abandoned loan applications
  • 50% more five-star, customer satisfaction reviews

4. Follow Your Rollout Plan

After LOS implementation is complete, follow your rollout plan! (Note – the rollout plan should be created and finalized before the LOS implementation begins so no time is wasted.) These plans are vital for clarity and uptime. An example of a generic rollout plan includes:

  • Announcing the new LOS implementation
  • Assign roles & responsibilities
  • Create deadlines & milestones to meet (be clear & check in regularly!)
  • Prioritize training sessions
  • Ask for feedback from the users

With dedicated time and clear expectations among all users, your LOS implementation can run smoothly and initiate productivity for your company.

Allied Business Systems wants to partner with you for premier loan origination and management (LOS) software! Call us today: 800-727-7534