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an abstract representation of a graph with the number 2020The New Year rang in with a little more excitement, as a new decade is here! Most everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, so we thought hard about what resolution could best serve our customers. This year, our resolution is to take our code to the next level! Keep reading to discover the details:

Our Promise to Our Customers

With every decision we make, we strive to ensure that the result will bring growth, competitiveness, and success to our customers. This year, we are determined to migrate our software code to a newer, faster, more robust, and feature-rich programming language.

Why is this important?

As this migration occurs, absVision will have a higher capability of supporting more technologically sophisticated enhancements! Additionally, ABS customers will experience a more efficient and effective experience while we provide code changes to current software.

Now is the Perfect Time

As you may know, we have recently migrated from Access to Microsoft SQL. This step increased data stability and expanded software functionality!

We will soon be migrating our software code to a new language which will work in conjunction with the Microsoft SQL platform to provide the most technologically stable and productive software environment for our customers.

How this Will Affect Our Partners (YOU!)

Our changes are always customer driven. We only want to make changes that will benefit you, our partners! So, what can you expect with this new update?

Short Term Goals: When we receive a customer enhancement request to update the software code, we will determine if the change should be made to existing code or into the new code moving forward.

Long Term Goals: Our customers will experience improved software and database performance and stability with more user-defined functionality and control. Additionally, we will provide more robust products and features more efficiently.

Partner with Allied Business Systems

It’s been proven that successful businesses are tech-savvy, future-minded, and strive to be leaders in their industry. With our help, we’re positive that you will find that success this year! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to give our team a call: 800-727-7534.