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absVision softwareEach company has a different way it operates, functions, and thrives. Certain companies do well with having a single location while others may flourish with hundreds of locations. That’s why Allied Business Systems offers services for single branch offices and centralized multi-branch offices. Keep reading to find out how absVision can benefit these types of branches.

Branch Options for Every Business

Within each package, you can access individual or consolidated reports, create unlimited custom reports through Microsoft SQL, view each branch’s data, and centralize texting, delinquency, and solicitation. Discover the details:

absVision Single Branch

If you have a single branch office, you can use a standalone version of our absVision software. Some companies would rather have their data remain offsite, and we have no problem assisting you with that. You can even setup your software to be run from a cloud hosted location.

absVision Centralized Multi-Branch

When you have multiple branches, it may work best for you to have your data centralized for all locations. This allows access to the data from each location. If you want to configure a cloud hosting environment, we can help with that. Additionally, corporate offices are able to access the data for all branches, write customer reports, and take advantage of Sharepoint Reporting.

Why absVision software?

We purposefully created our software to benefit both single branch offices and centralized multi-branch offices. We did this because we believe that companies at all different levels can benefit from absVision! absVision is simple yet effective, and it allows you to easily accept payments, originate or service loans, and track the work of your employees. absVision will make your work less stressful and more productive.

Which branch option works best for your company? Allow the team at Allied Business Systems to help! Contact us today.