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There are two weeks left in 2020, and what a year it has been! If finding new loan origination software was on your to-do list but you never got to it, now’s the perfect time to partner with Allied Business Systems. Allow us to give you an inside look into absVision and absGL:

absVision: Decreased Frustration, Increased Efficiency

Every company seeks to be more efficient with their time which will inevitably lead to more profit overall. absVision can help your company be more efficient and profitable by minimizing the lengthy tasks associated with loan origination and management software.

absVision is both easy to learn and easy to use. It supports many types of loans and interest calculations including simple interest, Rule of 78s, blended and step rates, and more. Excitingly, absVision can be used in virtually every industry. Many of our clients use work in industries such as:

  • Auto finance
  • Consumer lending
  • Real estate
  • Retail installment
  • Title cash

Although it’s simple to use and learn, don’t let its simplicity fool you. absVision is rich with features and robust enough to meet all your loan software needs! It can easily be integrated into nationally recognized accounting packages, including QuickBooks©, Microsoft Dynamics©, Intacct©, and Sage©. Talk to one of our experts today about absVision for your company.

absGL: Perfect for Small Businesses

Our absGL program is perfect for absVision users who do not need a robust accounting software but still desire efficiency and increased profit. absGL allows the user to create budgets, easily access reports, retrieve general ledger batch information, and run individual and consolidated branch financial statements.

absGL allows your team to be more efficient, as it eliminates the task of manually producing financial statements. You have a small business to run, and we’d be proud to help you find success!

Allied Business Systems is Your Loan Origination Software Partner

We have installed our loan origination software in thousands of locations, helping our customers become more efficient and profitable. When you choose absVision or absGL for your loan origination software needs, you are gaining a partner in Allied Business Systems! Are you ready for a profitable new year? Give us a call today: 800-727-7534