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a young customer service representative smiles as they help a customer

After decades of having a product-driven market, there has been a shift in the financial industry. It is – and will continue to be – a consumer-driven industry. Discover how you can increase customer loyalty by implementing these simple tips:

Focus on the Digital & Personal Experience

More customers are researching companies and products online long before requesting help from a team member. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that your customer’s digital experience is top-notch! How well does your website function? Is the customer able to find all the information he needs to make an informed decision?

A digital experience in this technology-driven world is crucial, but don’t forget to provide a great personal experience. A personal experience constitutes as every time your team interacts with a customer. Teach your team how to provide satisfactory answers to questions, information about your product and company, and more.

Prioritize & Reward Loyalty

It’s tempting to obsess over winning over new clients; however, don’t forget to invest in the customers you have already. A loyal customer can be your best marketing tool, as word-of-mouth recommendations are both free and highly valued! Prioritize quality relationships over quantity, and you will see your customer base grow at a healthy pace.

Address Customer Complaints

If a customer took the time to voice a complaint, it signals two things. First, the issue was important enough to the customer to voice his concerns instead of “letting it slide.” Second, if the customer voiced his complaint, it’s highly likely other customers agree with him. It’s rare that only one person feels disgruntled about a certain matter.

Whether he complained in person or on a virtual platform, address the issue. This will help him feel like he is being heard, and other customers will see that you company cares about them.

Allied Business Systems is Here for Our Financial Industry Customers!

The financial industry can be a headache if you don’t have the right products and software to make your workday run smoothly. If you’re searching for new loan origination and management software, take a look at our easy to use (and learn) software: absVision. Reach out with your questions: 1-800-727-7534.