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There are multiple processes that must be completed in the loan servicing cycle. Completing those processes in one platform allows you to improve productivity, prevent mistakes, increase profit, and decrease frustration. Say hello to loan origination software (LOS), an all-in-one solution to your lending needs! Here are a few ways you can benefit from our LOS, absVision:

Loan Origination Software Allows for Configuration

It’s imperative that your software is configured to produce a streamlined process regarding credit rules, regulations, and the like. Configuring the software to best fit your needs will help your employees optimize time and productivity.

Loan Origination Software Simplifies the Decisioning Process

Loan origination software allows you to simplify the decisioning process by establishing lending criteria the loan application must meet in order to be approved. Instead of having to conduct the decisioning process manually, the pre-determined criteria will sift through the applications and do it for your employees. This will save you valuable time to put toward customer service and more challenging loan applications that need human review!

Loan Origination Software Automates Data Collection

Human error is significantly reduced when loan origination software is involved. The LOS can collect data and store it within the application without issues. This will help ensure a complete application before it is submitted.

Loan Origination Software Utilizes Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Application Programming Interface (APIs) allows systems to communicate to each other and either retrieve information or input data. This “middleman” – so to speak – enables your company to serve more customers, faster. (We wrote an entire blog all about what an API is and why you need loan origination software that boasts this feature. Check it out here.)

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