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loan management softwareIn today’s world, more companies are outsourcing and trusting finance professionals to help them keep all loans and information organized. By using Allied Business System’s loan management software, you can be confident that you are servicing your customers with the best technology available. Discover the various ways that our loan management software can meet your needs:

Custom Solutions

One of the best elements of ABS’ loan management software is its ability to be customized. If you have a request for a certain feature that doesn’t yet exist, we can develop it for you. If this feature is something we believe will help many other companies, we can customize future rollouts to include the feature. The ability to customize your software is great for companies who use different loans and service many different industries. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about what you need for your company. We want to help you succeed!

Third-Party Integration

Our loan management software integrates with many accounting packages such as QuickBooks©, Microsoft Dynamics©, Intacct©, and Sage©. Other companies may use loopholes or try to work around the associated software. But, this only adds unnecessary steps and wasted time. With our software, you can import and export data and information seamlessly.

Comprehensive Reporting

Imagine every piece of information that relates to the loans that you manage. Our loan management software captures all that information through our comprehensive reporting. There is no more second guessing or wondering if what you think is working is actually working. When you choose ABS for your loan management software, you have access to 200 standard reports, configurable dashboards, corporate reporting, system audit log and reports, one button closeout for easy end of day processing, and much more.

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