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Whether you’re a brand-new business or have decades of experience under your belt, it’s important to choose the best loan origination and management software to help maximize your profit and reach your goals. Using the right loan origination and management software can:

  • Help maintain compliance
  • Improve time efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize profitability
  • Streamline processes

Experiencing one, some, or all of these benefits greatly depends on what loan origination and management software you use! Allow us to highlight four ways you can choose the best loan origination and management software for your company:

1. Identify Your Current Pain Points

Knowing what’s NOT working in your company can help you figure out what to change. Talk to your team members who interact with your current loan origination and management software every day. Ask them what is difficult about the software and what they’d like to see changed. You’ll gain insight into the software, and you’ll be showing your team that you care about fixing their pain points – win-win.

2. Establish Your Loan Origination and Management Software Goals

Without set goals, your company is like a ship at sea without a destination. How will you know when you’ve arrived? After identifying your current pain points, determine what you want the loan origination and management software to accomplish for you.

For example, you may want to increase the number of applications you process daily by 10% or you want to ditch the filing cabinets and have everything online. Premier loan origination and management software can do this for you.

3. Determine Whether You Need Integration Capabilities

Our premier loan origination and management software – absVision – boasts the General Ledger Interface feature! This feature allows the exportation of a file which will be picked up by the accounting software your company uses. To better serve our customers, we produce General Ledger data so that it can be integrated into nationally recognized packages, including:

  • Intacct©
  • MAS200©
  • Microsoft Dynamics©
  • QuickBooks©
  • Sage©

4. Choose a Company That Promises a Partnership

A vendor will sell or lease loan origination software but won’t provide support when you need it. Your company is too important to not partner with a company that provides a partnership! After choosing Allied Business Systems, we promise to answer every phone call and help you through any questions you have about your loan origination and management software. When you succeed, we succeed.

Partner with Allied Business Systems for loan origination and management software! Call us with your questions: 800-727-7534