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Recently, we wrote a helpful blog that listed several ways you can ready your team to adapt to new loan software. Once it comes time to implement the new loan software, you want to ensure success! Here are a few tips to help the process go smoothly and help team members thrive:

Leaders are Involved & Passionate

Team members will feed off your excitement about the loan origination software you chose for your company. If you or your company’s leaders seem indifferent, their commitment to the training process will fall short. We encourage you and your company leaders to be involved as much as possible so your team will get excited about the change!

No one understands a company’s procedures like the operational leaders. Include them in the process so they can provide the software company with the necessary details to ensure success.

Master the Software Right Away

Fully understanding the new software is key for avoiding mistakes and maximizing profit. After your employees have been trained on how to use it, make sure they start using it right away so they can have hands-on experience. It is easier on the employees if they stop using the older loan software so your team can focus completely on the new loan software. (As always, if you partner with Allied Business Systems, we will gladly answer any questions you have!)

Set Goals & Track Progress

Setting goals will give team members something to strive for! Goals will help the team see how far they’ve come in little time. By tracking progress, your team will be encouraged to keep moving forward and strive toward success.

Adjust & Adapt

If your team experiences unexpected bumps or the transition isn’t as smooth, don’t panic! First, Allied Business Systems will answer any questions you have and guide you through the learning curve. Second, it takes time to learn new loan origination software. With dedication to the software and time, your team will master it quickly.

Do you have questions about loan software? Give us a call: 800-727-7534.