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group shot of young happy business professionalsAnxiety, dread, and overwhelm may be three emotions your employees feel when you tell them that you’re switching to new loan origination software. Thankfully, you can combat these feelings head-on with three simple steps. Take a look:

Give Them a Heads-Up

A secret to strengthening your team is keeping them in the loop. If you spring this new decision on them and it “goes into effect immediately”, it’s likely they will feel frustrated. Let them know in advance that leadership is looking for new software and keep them in the loop as you see fit.

Address Employee Questions

Your team will likely have questions about the software, when the change will take place, how training will occur, and more. Addressing their questions will help ease employee anxiety and create a stronger bond within the company (because you are showing that you care).

Provide Extensive Training

Change can be difficult, but when extensive training is present, it’s simple! When the loan software is implemented, train your employees on how to use it and answer all their questions. By spending a lot of time up front during training, you will save time in the future by avoiding mistakes.

A Massive absVision Benefit

Once you’ve convinced your team that they don’t need to panic, you can drop the good news: you have teamed with Allied Business Systems for your loan origination software needs.

Our current customers are constantly telling us how easy absVision is to learn and use! We intentionally made this software easy to use and learn because we wanted to minimize the learning curve and maximize company profit (and employee happiness).

Other benefits of absVision include:

  • Increased Profitability
  • Promotion of Efficiency and Growth
  • Simplified Financial Analysis

Do you have questions about absVision or other related products? Give us a call: 800-727-7534.