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COVID-19 has required businesses to adapt to a new normal. But, it has also given companies the opportunity to lead internally and externally in different ways. As you navigate through the challenges that COVID-19 brings to your company, consider implementing new ways to lead your customers and employees during this time.

How to Lead Your Customers Amid COVID-19

Now more than ever, your customers need consistency. They need to have a small piece of pre-pandemic normal to guide them through their day. Your company and your service to them can be that normal they are seeking. As you continue to serve your customers, you can lead them in various ways: 

Problem-Solve Quickly & Efficiently

Don’t let emails from customers go unanswered or forego calling them back because you’re too busy. Solve their problems in a timely manner. Customers will remember how you went above and beyond during a stressful, unusual time. Their loyalty to you will surpass a global pandemic and continue into the future. 

Reach Out to Them Periodically

You don’t have to wait until they contact you with a question or problem. You can reach out to them periodically with a “check-in” email to see if you can assist them in any way. Additionally, contact them with no agenda other than to find out how they are doing. By showing genuine interest and concern, you can build trust and strengthen your customer relationship for the long term.

How to Lead Your Employees Amid COVID-19

The best way to lead externally is by leading internally. When your employees have extensive knowledge concerning how to help your customers and feel like a valued member of the team, they will produce quality work! Here are a few ways you can lead your employees during and after COVID-19:

Be Available

In the office, your team likely knows exactly what to do, who to go to with a certain problem, and how to appease customer complaints. However, working remotely may produce new questions about company protocols. Be available for their questions, send out weekly updates, or fit a team Zoom meeting into the schedule each week. 

Keep Them in the Loop

Keeping your team members updated on company news will make them feel valued. Several updates your team may need include:

  • How your company will operate during COVID-19
  • When your team will return to the office
  • New protocols for customer complaints
  • How to produce quality work at home

Allied Business Systems is Here for You

Just like you’re available for your customers, we’re available for you! Whether you have questions about your Allied Business Systems software, or you want to partner with us, give us a call: 800-727-7534