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You’ve had your loan origination and management software for YEARS… does the thought of starting over make you want to run and hide? We understand! Implementing new software can seem overwhelming unless you’re partnering with Allied Business Systems. We are passionate about offering premier loan origination and management software that truly helps your business. But, back to the question at hand – is it time for you to ditch your current software? Ask yourself these four questions to find out.

Is your loan origination and management software wasting valuable time?

Inefficient software contributes to unproductive workdays. If it takes your employees twice as long as it should to complete tasks using your current loan origination and management software, you’re potentially losing twice as much profit! Your time is valuable, and that’s why we created our products to be both easy to use and learn, promoting growth and efficiency for your company.

Does your software struggle to integrate with other systems?

It’s imperative that your loan origination and management software seamlessly integrates with other systems to optimize efficiency and protect your time. Your software should be built with rich features to ensure your employees do not have to use multiple systems to complete their tasks. At Allied Business Systems, our loan origination and management software can be integrated into nationally recognized providers, including:

Is your loan origination software adaptable to growth?

Your loan origination software should grow with your company. We want your company to find success through efficient and high-quality loan origination software. Your software will ultimately stunt your company’s growth if you cannot adjust workflows or easily make updates to the system. (Did you know? We can remotely load and install ABS software-related updates when branches are closed for business!)

Are you happy with your LOS partner?

More than being pleased with your loan origination software, you need to have 100% confidence in the company behind the product. At Allied Business Systems, we promise a partnership to our customers. We will never act as a vendor – simply selling our customers a product and leaving. We’re here for any questions you have, updates to your system, and support you need throughout your loan origination and management software journey.

Partner with Allied Business Systems today for premier loan origination and management software.