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man smiles as he uses his computerYour clients trust you to handle their loans, which means you need a loan origination and management software that YOU can trust. The wrong software can cause headaches and problems in the future. But, the right software will make the loan process simple for your employees and help your business run smoother. Discover different aspects of absVision software and why we believe you should partner with us:

absVision: Minimizing Issues, Maximizing Solutions

From the auto finance industry to the real estate business (and many more in between), we believe absVision is the software for your company that can minimize issues and maximize solutions. Our software was built to support different types of interest calculations and loans such as:

  • Average Daily Balance
  • Blended & Step Rates
  • Fixed
  • Rule of 78s
  • Simple Interest

Our absVision software boasts a plethora of abilities such as tracking the work of your employees, originating loans, servicing loans, accepting payments, and more. And, with every addition we make to the software, you will enjoy those updates as well! Do you prefer using a specific accounting package like QuickBooks or Sage? Our software can easily integrate with those packages to keep the learning curve to a minimum. With any questions you have as you use the software, our team can gladly guide you toward the solution.

Teaming with Allied Business Systems

If you think your business could benefit from absVision but you have questions, contact one of our experts today. We can answer any of your questions and guide you toward the best software! Let us also introduce you to absGL. This software is perfect for people needing a simple accounting program that can create budgets, easily access reports, have access to financial statements, and more.

Do you have questions about absVision? Call us today: 800-727-7534.