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Allied Business Systems is here to provide your company with premier loan origination and management software. Once you partner with us, the ease with which your team can navigate the software and customers can apply for loans will astound you. (If you’re curious about our LOS, schedule a demo today!) After partnering with us, consider implementing the following tips to gain even more loan applicants and keep your existing ones:

1. Loan Applicant Tip: Get to Know Your Customer

Great customer service starts with having a deep understanding of your customer and their needs. Whether you’ve been in the business for a while or just starting out, it’s vital to keep communication between your company and customers open. You can accomplish this by having social media platforms and sending eNewsletters. Here’s a quick overview explaining why both are important:

  • Having social media platforms allow you to engage with your customers, respond to their questions and comments, post about your products and services, and conduct polls to learn more about their loan needs. Social media gives you the inside scoop on what your customers like and don’t like and how you can better your services to attract or keep more customers.
  • Sending eNewsletters are a way to stay top-of-mind in your customer’s busy world. In your eNewsletter, provide resourceful information to help them as they pay back their loan and include links at the bottom of your eNewsletter to your social media pages.

2. Loan Applicant Tip: Follow Up With Your Customers

Whether you want to follow up with a potential customer who abandoned their loan application or someone who has been a customer for years, it’s important to do so via the right channels. Does your customer prefer a phone call, text, or email? Knowing this information can be the difference between being frustrating or helpful to your customer.

Following up with your customer or potential customer shows that you care about their journey and are available to answer their questions or address their concerns. Doing so via the method they prefer takes caring one step further.

3. Loan Applicant Tip: Offer Multiple Payment Options

Convenience is the name of the game regarding loan applicants. Make sure your loan applicant knows that if they enter into a loan agreement, you’re here to make their financial life easier, not harder.

With this in mind, do you have a smartphone app that allows your customers to pay easily? Do you offer automatic payments and reminders? How about a user-friendly website for older customers that don’t want to use an app? Discover how your customers are paying and make sure you offer them a great experience.

Allied Business Systems wants to help your company succeed! Call us today to learn more about premier LOS: 800-727-7534